The Adobe Education Exchange and a Social Justice Storytelling Project

This summer, in the midst of the COVID-19 craziness, two things happened. First, I got nominated for and accepted into the Adobe Education Leader program. This program highlights the contributions of innovative educators who are effectively using Adobe tools to promote excellence in the classroom. It consists of 300+ educators from all over the world.

Second, I agreed to teach a class for the first time in a decade. This was a unique opportunity/challenge in that all my teaching experience thus far has been face-to-face. Teaching an adjunct course during a pandemic required a distance learning approach. Distance learning was new to me, and to a LOT of other educators out there.

The Adobe Education Leader nomination introduced me to the Adobe Education Exchange, a free, online resource for educators K-12 and higher ed. The Exchange has project ideas, tutorials and a community of educators to bounce ideas off of. It’s been great. I’ve earned a few “badges” in areas I wanted to learn more about, added some projects of my own and have applied what I’ve learned to my new on-line course.

I’m most excited about introducing my Mass Communications students to digital storytelling as a communications and persuasion tool. I tasked my students with using Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark Page) to tell a personal story about their experience with a social justice topic. Here’s a link to a project example I gave my students to work from.

If you’re looking for ways to introduce creativity into your classroom, I recommend checking out the Exchange.


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