A New Moo Review: Moo Luxury Online Printing

Sky Lake Studio business card designed by Rebecca Hagen, printed by Moo.I won’t lie, I’m a paper snob. As a graphic designer, I believe that my business cards (yes, I have them) must demonstrate my understanding of visual layout and provide an interesting tactile experience. I’d rather give birth to a chair than print my cards on do-it-yourself perforated card templates from the office supply store.

I also tend to thumb my nose at using online printers to produce anything other than the most ephemeral of materials. Use them for printing restaurant table tents? Yes. For brand identity materials? No, no, no. Did I mention no?

I discovered MOO while searching for an online company to print mini cards for a client. I was in a pinch as neither the client’s budget nor timetable allowed for traditional printing. Moo’s website promised “luxury” printing, competitive prices and fast turnaround (three features that rarely come as a packaged set).

I decided to give them a shot. Ordering was easy, delivery was fast, the product was quality and client was pleased. But the best part was discovering that MOO offered a range of printing techniques typically found only through offset and specialty printers, including soft-touch varnish, spot varnish, gold foil, edge printing and even letterpress printing. They even offer an NFC (near-field communication) card. NFC cards are embedded with a microchip that triggers an action when the card comes close to a smartphone (a coupon pops up on-screen, or your contact info is loaded to an address book, for example).

When I had to reprint my own business cards last month, I used MOO and couldn’t be happier with the results. For my own cards, I chose a custom card size and the “Printfinity” option of printing a different images on the back of each card. You can choose up to 50 designs at no extra charge–imagine putting different quotes, coupons or images on card backs.

Like other online printers, MOO prints other items such as postcards, notecards, letterhead, stickers and flyers. However, they are still an online printer and are limited in the document sizes they can create (pre-sets only) and the paper selections they offer (that said, the paper they DO offer is quality).

Bottom line: I am impressed with MOO’s service and quality. I would absolutely recommend them to my clients for those small projects that are squarely in their wheelhouse.

Yay, MOO.

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