Gasparilla Festival of the Arts 2023 Artist Information Packet

Rebecca Hagen of Sky Lake Studio has volunteered for the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts for five years. In 2022 she became part of the marketing committee and serves as the website manager. While Raymond James staff handles most Festival artwork, Rebecca has the opportunity to create a variety of graphics including social media images, PowerPoint slides and the cover for the Artist Load-In/Load-Out packet. The 2023 cover design is anchored by this year’s Festival image, “Sunny,” by Michelle Mardis.

Evolution Institute Newsletter

In 2021, Sky Lake Studio was tasked with designing an HTML-formatted newsletter for the Evolution Institute, a science and humanities think-tank based in Florida. The challenge was to convey scientific thought and research in a way that was friendly, human and approachable. The newsletter header design, paired organic waves and geometric shapes in cool greens and blues to set this tone. Carefully curated images made the end design engaging. To keep the newsletter from looking like a canned email template, Sky Lake Studio used a third-party HTML newsletter builder and imported files into the client’s MailChimp account for distribution.