A New Moo Review: Moo Luxury Online Printing

Sky Lake Studio business cards

I won’t lie, I’m a paper snob. As a graphic designer, I believe that my business cards (yes, I have them) must demonstrate my understanding of visual layout and provide an interesting tactile experience. I’d rather give birth to a chair than print my cards on do-it-yourself perforated card templates from the office supply store. […]

Help! I’ve lost control of my website!

I firmly believe I could make an entire business out of helping people recover “lost” websites. The stories are similar: the client who set up his/her own site years ago, never changed it and lost all the logins; the client who lost all access to the site when the neighbor kid who designed it went […]

White Space is Not Your Enemy: By the Numbers

The 3rd edition of  White Space is Not Your Enemy: A Beginner’s Guide to Communicating Visually Through Graphic, Web & Multimedia Design has finally arrived. Kim Golombisky and I received our advanced copies in the mail last week. While the book is later to print than planned, we hope it has been published in time for Spring […]

The Apple Told Me So: Semiotics in Campaign Signs

A few weeks ago, while sitting at an intersection, a mushroom crop of roadside campaign signs (’tis the season) caught my eye. One sign stood out from the others—it had the candidate’s name in white against a blue background. To the right and slightly behind the name was a green apple. In an instant, I […]

What can you do with Adobe Express (formerly Spark)?

I don’t usually pay attention to DIY design software or apps for the amateur market. As a professional graphic designer (I have Adobe CC and am not afraid to use it), I find DIY apps limiting. Restrictive templates, limited fonts and images and the inability to customize layouts make it hard to actually create the […]

White Space 3rd Edition in Production

After a significant delay from our publisher (attributed to one imprint merging with another), the 3rd edition of White Space is Not Your Enemy is finally in production. Kim and I are particularly excited to see the new cover and chapter title pages. The cover and title pages each sport a colorful geometric pattern inspired by […]